Publication Design

These are three of my favorite print publications I have designed.

Two Way Street.jpg

Two Way Street

A 12-page broadsheet about homeless issues and culture in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This publication was re-designed in 2017 from letter-sized to broadsheet to be sold in person by the homeless on highway off-ramps, so the large format pages were used as a sign that could be seen at a distance. The one color printing was leveraged to create a dramatic, photo-driven publication. Bonus it was printed at the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Frequency: Monthly

Circulation: 5000, general distribution.


South Wedge Quarterly

A 20-page lifestyle magazine about the business and culture of the fastest growing neighborhood in Rochester, New York. Designed from scratch in 2012, this four-color newsprint publication was created in a square format to focus on neighborhood issues and promote local businesses.

Frequency: Quarterly

Circulation: 8000, general distribution.


The Labor News

A 16-page broadsheet that covers organized labor in the Upstate New York city of Rochester.  This publication was re-designed in 2008 from the 12-page paste-up, single-color version first published in 1945 I inherited when I took over as editor in 2007 into a modern, photo-driven union newspaper with a larger circulation than the local business journal.

Frequency: Twice-Monthly

Circulation: 8000, direct mail.